Story from Chick-fil-A at Temple Terrace

“Shift Agent has helped us to improve our culture and keeps our team members happy by allowing them to have a consistent schedule. It empowers us to run our business effectively and efficiently with the right people in the right places all day, every day.

It gives us more time to solve the important issues that need attention and gives our leadership more time to focus on the business.

Shift Agent lets us see a birds-eye view of every single detail of the shifts and make the on-the-fly decisions best suited for the business without having to repeatedly go back-and-forth and crunch numbers.

We are now scheduling in 15 minute increments to maximize productivity and labor. Shift Agent has allowed us to save many hours and put out a more solid schedule faster. Smart Scheduling prevents many problems each week because of Shift Agent's recommendations on who to schedule and when.

Shift Agent puts the responsibility on the team member and takes a big burden off of leadership. Our team members have become more responsible and better communicators in the process.

I have complete confidence in Shift Agent as a tool and in their great staff that has been very responsive and helpful.

Until Shift Agent, I've never worked with a company that cares so much about our team's culture. They have jumped through hoop after hoop responding to our requests. They have a gift in bringing solutions to our challenges while keeping Shift Agent simple to use.”

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