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Will my employees be able access their schedule online?
Yes. The schedule is available online and current as it reflects the decisions of management. More
How much does Shift Agent cost?
Your Shift Agent account is a month-to-month subscription based on the number of active employees on your roster. There are no contracts, no setup or cancellation fees. You can cancel at any time. More
Do you integrate with Chick-fil-A?
Yes. Operators that choose to opt-in to the connection between our system and CFA Home will enjoy a few additional benefits. There is no additional cost for this integration. More
Do you work with different mobile devices? (iPhones, Androids, Windows, Apple, etc)
Yes. Shift Agent is accessible from any mobile device that has a mobile web browser. It does not require any download from the Apple store or Google Play at this time. Everyone can make the page a favorite and it places the app on their home screen. More
Does it cost my employees anything?
No. Shift Agent is completely FREE for all of your team to login and use. It is all included in your subscription. More
How do my employees see their schedule?
Everyone has their own personal login to the app, and they login to see their schedule. Email notifications go out each time you publish a new schedule to remind them to check the app. They can view their current schedule at any time. More
What about team members who do no have mobile phones or Internet access?
It is easy to print the weekly schedule. You can hand a physical copy of the schedule to anyone. It may also help to provide a device at your store so they can login, but this is not required. More
Can you help us with Days Off requests and Trade Requests?
Yes. Shift Agent provides an easy way for employees to create their own shift trades with other employees. A manager must approve a trade, but you don't have to do anything until it's time to approve. They can also request Days Off (whole day, partial day, or a range of days) and they must provide a reason. All the requests come in chronological order to help you make the right decision. More
How does an employee change their availability?
Employees are reminded by the manager to update their availability, and they can login and follow simple steps to submit their availability changes. You have an inbox where you can review all changes and approve them. More
How long does it take to setup Shift Agent?
Minutes to hours. The setup guide is very straightforward, and the first two weeks are the biggest adjustment as you get used to the workflow. More
Is Shift Agent an auto-scheduler?
One better. Shift Agent organizes scheduling into Operations and People. The recommendation system takes care of operations details. (prevent overtime, distribute hours, recommend based on availability, account for days off, etc) The manager thinks about people as they fill each shift. (Jasmine broke up with Sheldon, so this week we will place them in FOH and BOH respectively) Because a manager is able to take advantage of the Operations recommendations each time a shift is filled, they can make a small investment of time to consider team dynamics and build a great schedule. More
Does Shift Agent distribute hours to employees appropriately?
Shift Agent works to distribute hours exactly how you want to for your store. A few key settings (availability, target hours, etc) control the recommendation system to get employees to work as close to the target hours that you set for them as possible. More
Can you help with scheduling High School students?
Yes. We have several stores that use the availability features to greatly reduce the complication of changing availabilities of high school students. More
Can you help us get on the journey of Lean Labor?
The Timeline gives you unparalleled perspective in how you invest in labor for a day. Depending on how efficient your operation is at your store, you should be able to find and create ways to optimize labor to the 1/4 hour. You will be able to see with clear visibility on adjustments may effect your operation. More

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